1    Imagine you are a public health specialist and have recently been hired by the local school system. After an initial assessment within this school system, it has been shown that there has been a significant increase in reports of bullying (both physical and cyber) in grades 7 through 12. There appears to be no real differences in reported cases across gender or ethnicity, but students in grades 7 and 9 combined make up 50% of all cases.

Using the information above, create an initial post in which you address the benefits of applying a logic model. Be sure to analyze the potential impact the community intervention could have, to include an example of a logic model that you think would be appropriate for this situation, and to describe a potential evidence-based solution for this situation.

2    - Outline the various approaches concerning the allocation of scarce human organs for transplantation. Which one do you believe is the most fair? Use factual evidence and/or research to defend your choice.
      - Outline the opposing viewpoints relating to human stem cell research. Discuss your own personal views related to stem cell research, using factual evidence and/or research to defend your position.
      - What would you do if you knew that a patient suffering from cancer was part of a control group of research patients who were not receiving a drug that could benefit them? Use factual evidence and/or research to defend your position.

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The logic model refers to incorporating a visual road map that aids in the planning of how an intervention program is supposed to produce desired effects from the problem to the solution. Bullying is a multifaceted social problem that requires intervention from a variety of angles. When a social issue like bullying emerges, resources and activities should be put in place to ensure the desired outcome is achieved which in this case refers to social change.
Adopting the logic model to address bullying between 7th...

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