1    Discussion: Reflection

Synthesize, in about 250 words, an overview of what you have learned from the course with regard to health and wellness. How do the various aspects of wellness influence one another? How do different disciplines approach the study of wellness with respect to the individual and society?

How are you going to implement what you have learned in this course and used in your presentation in your own life (work, church, school, etc.)?

2    Discussion: Reflection

Evaluation Methods in Public Health will cover contextual issues surrounding evaluation, evaluation designs, and methodological issues, as well as the steps involved in conducting an evaluation, communicating the results, and ensuring that evaluation findings are used by intended users. What steps might you take if a program evaluation resulted unfavorably?

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I have learned that different facets determine how an individual experiences wellness in the society. Other than taking wellness only from the physical aspect and the absence of health challenge, the course has expounded on the real meaning of wellness and encompassed dimensions that I would not have contextualized. Eating healthy foods, exercising and having a regular check up on the state of health are only biased on the physical dimension of wellness and achieving real wellness requires a holistic approach.
It would have been hard to conceptualize wellness...

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