Behavioral Measures and Interpretation of Data
Using the Hagopian et al. (1997) article, describe the issues and research associated with the reliability and validity of visual inspection. Next, describe the primary advantage and disadvantage of using statistical analysis versus visual inspection for interpreting data from single-case research designs. Conclude with summarizing the “Structured Criteria for Visual Inspection of Multielement Functional Analysis Data for Analysis with 10 Points per Condition” in the Appendix of the Hagopian et al. (1997) article.

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Recently, there are two commonly applied methods for interpreting intervention impacts based on single-subject research designs. Visual inspection is a widely used technique in applied behavior analysis research, while statistical methods used in research fields like time series analysis are more advanced. The use of visual inspection take precedence of the progress of quantitative methods, which needs software and computers. There is no consensus about the most reliable and valid method of single-subject data analysis technique in the applied behavior analysis field between the scientists of visual inspection and the proponents of statistical analysis (Hagopian...

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