Biography Speech on Mohammed Ali (Cassius Clay) (470 words and 8 slides)

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Write a topic & outlines with three points to inform about Mohammed Ali (Biography) with power point.
3 reliable sources minimum needed (each point must have a citation).


Sources: 3 Visual Aid: Yes
Focus: a person who has had significant influence on society (not popularity). Look at highlighting three significant characteristics or clearly distinct areas of a person’s life.

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I. Attention Getter:
a. Doesn’t every mother wish their son will turn out to be extraordinary?
b. One mother was right: Odessa Clay, Cassius Clay’s mother, said, “I always felt like God made Muhammed special, but I don’t know why God chose me to carry this child” (Smith and Collier 7).

II. Orienting Information:
   a. Born in Louisville, Kentucky from a middle-class family.
   b. Became a world class boxer, an activist for peace, writer, and political activist....

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