Outline for a Science and Technology Speech about Television (570 words)

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Sources: 3                                              
Visual Aid: Yes

Note: Make sure your topic is science (not health) and avoid using jargon.


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I: Attention Getter:
a: What if I told you that watching television may be good for you?
b: Scientists have three theories on why television may be good for you.

II: Orienting Information:
a. Television was invented on September 7, 1927 by Philo Taylor Farnsworth (Stephens 2000).
(b.) Farnsworth was an inventor and he created the first television image by scanning an image with a beam of electrons (Stephens 2000).
(c.) Commercial television, however, did not arrive until about 1939, when RCA, a television broadcasting company aired footage from the New York World’s Fair (Stephen 2000).
(d.) Television is a commonplace technology; however, the question remains how good this innovative invention is for society, the brain, and technology in general.

III. Central idea with preview points included:

(a). Television may make you smarter, improve your emotional intelligence, and it is changing technology for the better....
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