Topical Speech: History of Dubai City (11 slides and 560 word outline and notes)

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Topical Speech: History of Dubai City
All Final Examination Speeches must be a minimum of seven (7) minutes with a maximum time of twelve (12) minutes.

You are required to use a minimum of FOUR (4) sources in research and to cite these sources effectively during the speech.
A typed bibliography in MLA format must be turned in with the outline.

All Final Examination Speeches require the inclusion of at least one visual aid.
The visual aids must be used effectively within the context of speech.

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Attention Getter:
How does a city arise out of the desert?
Dubai City is a city that has arisen out of the desert.

Orienting Information:
- Dubai is one of the seven emirates that form the United Arab Emirates.
- Located on the “Sheikhdom’s central Persian Gulf coast” (“Dubai” 2015,), modern day -
- Dubai City was founded in 1833.
- 2007 population of Dubai City: 1,225,137 (“Dubayy” 2014). It has 64 kilometers of coastline (Lohman 2008).

Central idea with preview points included:
While modern day Dubai City was founded in the 19th Century, the region’s historical roots can be traced back to ancient times....

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