Please write 3 to 5 minutes informative speech with a chronological outline.
The topic is the history of 3D glasses.

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This might come as a surprise but 3D technology first appeared in 19th century. As you might presume, 3D technology progressed a lot since then. Even though we always hear about high-tech cameras and fancy 3D animations, it is the 3D glasses that bring the 3D experience to us. But when you pay 5 dollars extra for a 3D projection and when you take a pair of 3D glasses at the entrance, do you know anything about the model you are holding and the date when it first appeared? This speech will help you find out more.
Trough out history, 3D glasses utilized the fact that we have 2 eyes and one brain to help us experience tridimensional reality on two-dimensional screens. I think that you will be amazed by the historical facts and the solutions scientists came up when they made 3D glasses...

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