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Write a Persuasive Speech Outline on the following topic:
People should live together before marriage.
It must have a minimum of 10 sources in the bibliography.
Construct a Visual Aid-A visual aid is required for this speech for example a Power Point presentation or simply show some photographs or something from YouTube.

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Attention Getter:
    You all know the plot in the fairytale stories about a princess who falls in love with her prince charming. He lives in a castle and has a lot of subjects who cater to his needs and she is perfect in every way imaginable. Then, after they defeat all the obstacles that get in the way of their happiness, they get married and live happily ever after. However, none of these stories shows these two love birds living together before they said they vows and life changing “I dos”. That is why I went online to try and find out more about the topic of living together before marriage. The things I discovered shocked me and left me in disbelief to wonder if there would there be the happily ever after if the royal couple moved in together before the lavish ceremony?
Credibility Statement: I have always thought that living together before marriage is a logical step forward in a relationship. However, I found out that there is more to this than meets the eye. Many research articles claim that living together is very dangerous for a prosperous marriage. However, recent findings have come to different conclusions. Therefore, I believe it is very important to that you know everything that is related to unmarried cohabitation....

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