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Analyze the reasoning of three American presidents' inaugural addresses: FDR, Kennedy, and Obama.
- Identify the claim, if there is more than one claim, just choose one for this exercise.
- Identify any supporting material used to support the claim.
- Identify the type of reasoning used to justify the claim and explain how it uses the supporting material to make the claim.

You are expected to use scholarly (peer reviewed) sources in your research.

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Reasoning in the Inaugural Address

On March 4, 1931 Franklin D. Roosevelt gave his inaugural speech where he said, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” He was referring to the fear that people had succumbed to when the stock market crashed, people lost money, went into bankruptcy, and working class people had to get food from bread lines or move from their homes to shelters. According to an essay published by the National Archives, “More than 11,000 of 24,000 banks had failed, destroying the savings of depositors.” Millions of people were out of work and looking for jobs. Roosevelt argues that war must be waged against the problem of poverty. Daughton compares Roosevelt’s speech to a holy war (1993)....

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