Persuaive Outline General Purpose
To persuade specific purpose-To persuade my audience that there is a serious need for blood, so it is our reponsibility to donate. Thesis statement- while many fear doing it, there is a serious need for blood to be donated, so it is our responsibility to donate.
Introduction -Your story (one you found in your research or created yourself)
BODYI.There is a serious need for blood.A.B.
Transition-II.Donating blood is a relatively simple process.A.B.
Transition-III.There are those who oppose donating blood.A.B.
Transition-CALL TO ACTION-Direct action you want us to take as a result of your speech.

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TOPIC: Facebook use causes addiction
SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To persuade my audience that using Facebook can be dangerous
CENTRAL IDEA: Using Facebook can cause addiction and influence the quality of lives in many ways.

Attention Getter: Friend request. Notification. Unfollow. Like. Does it sound familiar? How many of you felt the urge to grab your phone and check the news feed in your Facebook profile just so that you know that you are not missing anything? Okay, I know many would probably say “no” because...

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