Listen to some TedTalks, then prepare a Tedtalk on your own. The ...

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Listen to some TedTalks, then prepare a Tedtalk on your own.
The topic: Wise Words from a Wizard to Me to You (Harry Potter related).

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How did I come to know him and his wise words? Because, to better learn English, I read the original text by J.K. Rowling Why did I want to learn English? Because my father spoke so highly of this great county and it became my dream to come here one day.
Now that I’ve traced my admiration of the great Wizard and sage Dumbledore back, let me start from the beginning. My father came to American to pursue his education. He studied in New York, a city he always told me was like no other, with more life and excitement at 3 a.m. than any city in South Korea at mid-day during a celebration. He spoke of the bustle on the streets fill with people of all cultures and walks...

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