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Informative speech Assignment

1. Script for : informative speech should be 4-6 minutes long and must include 3-5 citations or references WITHIN the delivered speech and written as part of the outline.

2. Informative Speech Outline

Example for Outline:

Your speech should be 3-5 minutes long and should teach the audience about something, someone or a process.

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Crossroads of the World

Figure 1: Images of Times Square: (a) Crossroads Center; (b) famous V-J Day Times Square Kiss of 1945; (c) Signs of Broadway; (d) Waterford Crystal New Year’s Ball. Source: Bing Images, 2018
Good Day. Today I would like to tell you about a magical place, but a place that is very real. Many people call it the “Crossroads of the World.” It is more often known as Times Square ("Times Square History", 2018: figure 1(a)). It is a vibrant, exciting, and wonderful district in the middle of New York City. It attracts almost forty million of tourists each year, is famous for its huge illuminated signs, and is world renowned for its theatre district, more commonly known as Broadway. Each New Year’s Eve, almost a million people collect in the streets to watch the famous ball drop, with almost a billion more people watching on television around the globe.
Times Square is a small area...

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