Answer the following questions:

# 1. The most important of the Four Noble Truths is the fourth, the Noble Eightfold Path. Did anything in particular strike you about these "paths” (e.g., the idea of "right thoughts," that we should always try to act with pure motives)? Do you see any similarities between the Noble Eightfold Path and Christianity? Did Jesus say anything similar to Buddha in this regard? Elaborate.

#2. What do you see as the main difference between these two stories? You can start by simply taking one element of the parable and discussing how this element differs in the two parables. For example, how is the role of the father different in the Buddhist and Christian versions of the story? Elaborate.

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The Eight fold path might easily be compared and contrasted to the ten commandments of Christianity. Both are different in many aspects but still tend to have similar opinions in various subjects. The Eight fold path believes in the right view of the four noble truths that each and every Buddhist should be aware of them. They have to even see the world from these perspectives. Similarly it has been communicated in first commandment that it is like the Christian call for god who he is.
The path also says that we should be motivated by pure thoughts and follows the right purpose. At the same time it is essential that one should not get involved in the negative thoughts and activities like: Lie, Gossip and evil talks. Christianity also does not support these evil practices. They have to follow the right action which should not cause any kind of harm, stealing or indulging in unnecessary activities....
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