Is environmentalism a new religious phenomenon?
How has nature been negatively viewed by some religions?
What are some of the reasons nature is being viewed differently today?
What religions have traditionally esteemed nature?
How has an appreciation of nature been expressed recently in the West?
Are there religious parallels manifesting in environmentalism?

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Environmentalism and Comparative Religion

Environmentalism is not a new phenomenon. In the book of Genesis God calls creation good (Genesis 1). Paul in the Letter to the Romans, envisions a day when the body will be renewed and thinks about creation itself wanting to be released from bondage and decay (Romans 8:19-23). There is noticeable tension as well. While in Genesis God calls creation good he tells Adam to dominate nature and to subject the animals under his authority. Adam is made in the likeness of God. Nature seems to be a subordinate aftereffect. In this way, one could argue that this shows a negative attitude towards nature....

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