Make detailed list of your activities from the time you rise in the morning through lunch. Once the list is finished, review it from the perspective of a devout Jain nun or monk. What activities would have to be altered or abandoned during this time period?

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My activities from the time I rise in the morning and till lunch are as follows:
I wake up, dress, eat breakfast (often eggs, milk, or bacon), watch TV or listen to the radio, check my e-mail and text messages, read a book, chat with my friends, go to university, attend lectures, and spend time with my friends or with my girlfriend.
This is my routine in the mornings. I think most of those activities would need to be at least modified, or, in some case abandoned if I were a Jain monk. Of course, I would wake up, although probably in a very different setting, since Jain monks do not have a home or other possessions. I don’t think I would need to dress up much as a Jain monk. Actually, some Jain monks do not wear any clothes at all, because they wish to adhere very strictly to the principle of not owning any material possessions....
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