Read The Ethics of Belief by W.K. Clifford within the Encountering the Real text and the Euthyphro by Plato. Compare how Euthyphro shows the importance of belief in comparison to that of Clifford. Write 2-4 pages on this topic.
1. Compare Euthyphro and ship Captain faith and believes
2. Compare Socrates and Clifford and the way their dealt with faith.

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For centuries now, philosophers have sought to develop a concrete theory that would explain the nature and the applicability of faith in the early and modern societies. In the course of their prejudiced studies, scholars have different opinions about faith subsequent its high dynamism across different cultures. As such, every scholar has a distinctive opinion about religion and the drive of faith. Majorly, these differences arise from the different cultures used as the base population, which are the key element of the extrapolation of the key aspects of faith and how every individual view it.
In a fictional, yet objective text, Plato examined the different opinions about religion. In addition, he reviewed how these subscriptions influence the social actors and their decision making. Therefore, it is rational to argue that, despite the subjectivity of faith, the concept largely affect the general operations both at intrapersonal and interpersonal scale. In the Euthyphro, Plato compares the effects of faith in the modern society as a deliverable from the older cultures. He...

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