Compare the teaching of Christ in the Bread of Life discourse in John 6:25-71 and the Last Supper in Luke 22:14-23.

The Gospel accounts form a unity in the diversity of their accounts. Tell me how these accounts differ from each other and tell me how they are the same. Your paper should demonstrate that you have read the accounts closely.
Good papers will have a clear thesis statement, be clearly written, have few typos, and demonstrate that the student has reflected on the text. I’m not asking you do any of the methods of analysis that we’ve discussed in class. I only want a simple well written comparative analysis of the given texts.
If I were writing about God’s demands from his disciples in the Sermon on the Mount and in the story of the Good Samaritan, my thesis could be: “Jesus demands that his disciples be a ‘light to the world’ by doing good deeds and the greatest deed that a Christian can do is to show mercy to others like the Good Samaritan.” This is a good simple thesis. The last part of your paper can be more subjective. Write about your reaction to the accounts. Did you not believe them, were you surprised, etc. However, this reaction must be based on what you said in the analytical portion of your paper.

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The symbol of bread is very significant in the Gospels. Often Jesus is referred to as bread, and his symbol has two dimensions. It can refer to the Holy Communion or to the person of Jesus as the spiritual bread of the faithful. Both approaches are somewhat different in perspective, but identical in purpose and meaning as reflected by the passages from the Gospels of John and Luke.

The account in Luke 22:14-23 is the description of the Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples the night before his betrayal to the authorities. This passage along with other similar accounts from the Gospels of Matthew and Mark are considered the institution of the sacrament of the Holy Communion. Jesus had a simple meal with his disciples....

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