Karen Armstrong, Islam: A Short History, Chapter 3 Culmination, Pages 81-111

C. Warren Hollister, The Islamic Empire, pages 91-101.

Write 2-3 pages, double spaced.

What have been the effects of the medieval Crusades for Islamic-Western relations?

Readings: Medieval Europe, A Short History

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Since the end of 7th century C.E. and onwards, Byzantium, Islamic Empire and the Western World were maintaining a balance of powers in the Old World. (Hollister & Bennet, 1964, p. 99) That balance was sometimes changed in the interest of one of the powers yet it remained more or less the same till the 15th century. One of the historical moments that were pointed at shifting the balance of powers was at the mere end of the 11th century when Pope Urban II initiated a military campaign, noted in history as the First Crusade. (Armstrong, 2000, p. 95).
The causes of the campaign vary from sources but the most probable cause of the First Crusade would be a complex mixture of political, economic and religious causes....

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