A 3-5 page research paper on Bible lands, such as Jerusalem, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Jordan. The thesis statement states why that land is important and how it plays a crucial role (if any) in Biblical history.

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The story of the creation, of God’s progressive dealing with and revelation to men, and of our salvation described in the Bible took place in time and space. The Bible is often very specific when particular historical events are described. Different parts of the biblical story happened within a fairly vast geographical area. The scope of geographical places mentioned in the Old and the New Testament includes spots as far apart from each other as Rome (modern-day Italy), Thessaloniki (now Greece), Ephesus (in Turkey), Antioch (Syria), Nineveh (Iraq), and Nazareth (Israel), to name just a few. On occasion, the Bible mentions as far away lands as India and Ethiopia (Esther 8:9). The attention that the Bible consistently pays to geographical location and whereabouts has a good reason. Geographical precision makes the Bible especially credible and verifiable. In addition, it provides the narrative with details that make it more relevant, vivid and dramatic. The discipline of Bible Geography has long enjoyed its proper place within the wider realm of Bible studies. The land that will be analyzed here is Persia, or as it is more commonly called nowadays, Iran....

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