Review this article: Reflections in an Interethnic/racial Era on Interethnic/racial Marriage in Ezra by Cheryl B. Anderson.
This assignment fulfills course-learning outcomes 2 and 4. This paper consists of two parts:
Part One: learners will summarize the hermeneutical approach(es) of a minoritized biblical critic selected from They Were All Together in One Place? Toward Minority Biblical Criticism and demonstrate his or her contemporary application of the text for her or his community of accountability, cultural value, and social relevance and ethics;
Part Two: summarize your hermeneutical approach (as presently identifiable from your self-exegesis profile) and demonstrate your contemporary application of the text for your community of accountability, cultural value, and social relevance and ethics based on a reading of the same text as the minoritized biblical critic.

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Cheryl B. Anderson on “Reflections in an Interethnic/Racial Era on Interethnic/Racial Marriage in Ezra” begins with a detailed analysis of a social-minority location. The writer sets out to elucidate on the interpretative challenges posed by the readings of Ezra 9-10 that talks about how foreign women that were married to Jews were expelled from the community. These marriages according to the holy script were to be regarded as an act that demonstrated lack of faith and tainted God’s chosen holy people. The interpretative theme of such a reading is that those that are born into mixed marriages between other tribes and Jews would be regarded as unclean and separated from the community. This would result in a situation where women and children would be chastised from the society if the mothers were from different communities.
The reference from the biblical text is from the Jewish community but the author avers how the same text reminds her of more recent history of racial segregation and how states had enforced decrees against the allowing of interracial marriages for the purpose of maintaining...

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