How has religion shaped the political movements in Vietnam and Indonesia?

Works Cited

Hinton, Alexander Laban (2013) "Justice and Time at the Khmer Rouge
Tribunal: In Memory of Vann Nath, Painter and S-21 Survivor,"
Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal: Vol. 8: Iss. 2, Article 5.

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Time Is Out Of Joint: The Collective Trauma Of Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam and the Search for Redemption and Justice

I think it is hard to think about mass genocide and how we can right wrongs done by to-talitarian regimes. Learning that Cambodia killed almost three quarters of its own people is a dif-ficult concept to wrap one’s head around, and it makes me wonder if religious thought has a way to seek out justice. When we think of totalitarian regimes that have wiped out entire populations of people in the name of a party line, how does a religious sense of time and justice help us to make sense of the atrocity? In this essay, I shall use Alexander Laban Hinton’s essay "Justice and Time at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal: In Memory of Vann Nath, Painter and S-21 Survivor,” as a resource to think about how Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia’s political history is bound up with religion, justice, and time.
I think it is appropriate to think about time. I think in one way linear time is helpful, but it is only helpful in the scholastic sense, and it is not helpful in the more emotional and psychologi-cal sense....

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