1. Begin the work for your final paper by researching the history that counters the experience of trauma that you are working on.

For example: If you are researching Sexual Trauma, what is the historical legacy of the sexuality of African folks before the MAAFA.

Another example: If you are researching trauma in the school system, what is the historical legacy of our desire for knowledge.
Attached is the topic for the paper

Completion of a 8-10 page, double-spaced paper will address the theme of Soul Trauma that the student explored in their individual reading and research and will also include a section on how their denomination, church, etc. might engage in the work of Psychological Healing of Soul Trauma and that of Emotional Emancipation from a Pastoral Care perspective.

This paper will be the foundation of students’ preparation of their own Healing Circle outline.
This paper should also report on how this intensive informed and supported an understanding of EMOTIONAL EMANCIPATION.
This paper should be done well as it will be used for a book on Soul Trauma and Psychological Healing.

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The historical legacy of the soul trauma produced by PTSS experienced by young black men

The posttraumatic stress disorder suffered by the young black men had a fundamental legacy for not only these subjects but also the community at large. For instance, Jones (n.d.) relates that the posttraumatic stress disorder among these subjects has an inherent connection with infant mortality. The author argues that the infant mortality among the offspring of the young black Americans who faced the PTSS is now at least 2.4 times higher relative to that of the white infants. To worsen the matter, Jones (n.d.) debated that the African American community have always had almost twice the sudden infant death syndrome mortality rate. More to this, the African American mothers are about 2.3 times more likely to begin parental care in the 3rd trimester or even not receive this service at all during their pregnancy when compared to the non-Hispanic mothers. Linking the PTSS experiences of the African Americans with this status quo, Jones (n.d.) identifies that the disorder motivated led the young African Americans to adopt risky health behaviors besides causing emotional, social,...

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