1) Here’s a prayer someone wrote as a possible model for healthcare workers to use with patients. Read it and answer these questions:

(1) Imagine that you were a patient. How would you feel if someone prayed a prayer like this for you? What would you want added to (or taken away from) such a prayer?
(2) As a healthcare professional, would you be comfortable praying a prayer like this for a patient or client?

O God, you promise to be with us in every time of need.
Make your presence felt today to your child.
Give those who care for her/him wisdom and skill.
And bring to her/him the peace that passes all understanding. Amen.

2) Is it ever appropriate to share your religious convictions with people at a critical time of their lives, say, when they are seriously ill? Why, or why not? If so, how would you go about it?

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(1) I would feel quite comfortable and would not mind to hear this prayer as it would assure me in my beliefs and give me the calmness I would need during my time of sickness. The mere words in this prayer are constructed to sooth and calm the patient in a nurturing and comforting way. Though one might think it has a Christian narrative the prayer has universal approach and it can be prayed by adherent of any religion. In my personal belief the prayer can be changed in terms of adding more words and emphasizing the condition of the patient (me) that can significantly vary. I would also want more words to be added in order for the prayer to have more of a Christian l than universal label. Furthermore, in my personal belief, the prayer is more contemplative and passive than productive and active so it should also contain more words that emphasize hope and future....
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