Read these two articles—“Two Views of the Human,” and “What is This Thing Called “Soul?”—and answer these questions: What arguments do their supporters give for dualism and for wholism, respectively? Which of these views do you hold, and why?

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Dualism and wholism are two main approaches to understanding a human being, and more specifically, the interrelation between the physical body and what is habitually referred to as “ the soul.” Dualism is the belief that the soul is radically distinct from the body and that the soul is what contains human personality. This opinion, apparently came to Western religious and philosophical thought from ancient Greek philosophy. It was upheld by many prominent theologians of the Roman Catholic church, such as Thomas Aquinas, who heavily relied upon Greek philosophy. In accordance with the doctrine of the Catholic church and many other historical Christian denominations, a soul can exist apart from the human body, while the latter without a soul is only matter devoid of life and consciousness. In spite of being upheld by historical Christianity for centuries, such views are in contradiction to the text of the Bible....
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