Answer these questions: According to given two articles, what different concepts do people have about the future beyond death? What are the different attitudes people have toward death itself? In particular, what complex attitude toward death is entailed by the notion that death is a “conquered enemy”? What is your own concept of life after death?

"An Enemy Defeated: Death and Resurrection"

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Death is, perhaps, the most inevitable event that awaits all of us in life. It looks like people in developed countries nowadays have a lot less direct contact with death than in the past, when the mortality rate was so much higher. However, we still have to deal with death on a regular basis, and it appears that every death is as individual and unique as are unique the lives we live. Historically, the humankind has developed a few ways to put up with the phenomenon of death. Authors of both articles refer to them as “sentimental acquiescence,” “reflective acquiescence,” “desperate defiance,” and “heroic defiance,” to name just a few prominent ones....
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