Answer these questions. (1) Do you think it is a greater challenge to meet people’s needs on a physical or a spiritual level? Why? (2) What is the most important thing people in your own profession can do to cooperate with people in other medical professions?

Recall a time when you yourself were injured or ill. What sort of challenges did the experience present to you, not only physically, but in other ways, too? What helped you most to get through the experience? Do you look back on the experience as a whole as something entirely negative, as something quite positive, or as both negative and positive? Why?


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The reading is devoted to the complex aspects of what the author calls “ministryhealing” defined as “a ministry that heals and a healing that ministers.” Ministryhealing is construed as a manifold process of restoring a human being in his or her wholeness and integrity to the perfect state intended by God. As a wholesome organism, a human being is not merely “a collection of cells.” Thus, integral and proper ministryhealing encompasses various dimensions of ministry and healing, namely, spiritual, physical, emotional, and social.

Consequently, it is hard to say whether meeting people's needs on a physical or spiritual level is more challenging. Physical and spiritual aspects are intertwined to such a degree that it is impossible to separate them from one another. Rather, we as health care professionals, should learn how to meet both spiritual and physical needs simultaneously. Indeed, a progress in alleviating physical pain most of the time leads to an emotional lift, while spiritual consolation is able to alleviate physical suffering....

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