The essay:- Write an essay of between 6-7 pages in which you (1) characterize the major religious approaches to human interactions with and obligations toward non-human nature; (2) advance an argument regarding which of these approaches, if any, provide promising grounds for environmental ethics; and (3) conclude by explaining which if any of these approaches you find the most personally appealing or compelling and why.
If you conclude that none of the approaches you have studied this semester provide promising or appealing grounds for an environmental ethic, make sure to explain your conclusion by analyzing their shortcomings and then discuss where else you find a plausible or compelling environmental ethic.

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Do No Harm: A Moral Principle Religions Should Advance To Teach About Preventing harm to Non-Human Nature
With the Earth’s average global temperature up 0.8 degrees Celsius (1.4 degrees Fahrenheit) since 1800, and rising, much of the increase in recent decades, and felt most in the arctic regions, very few will doubt that the world is facing the consequences of man-made contributions to climate change (National Geographic News 2007). We turn to science, and scientists warn us that our human population’s dependence on fossil fuels is much to blame, with 75.3% of total installed capacity of electricity from fossil fuels is attributed to energy consumption in the United States alone! (CIA World Factbook 2014).
Do No Harm
While science gives the unanimous answer that the global community must do something to stem the tide, nations are apt to not play well with others. Treaties concerning energy consumption are rarely signed by all members of the United Nations. So, what other world institutions can say something about stewardship and human kind’s obligation and responsibility to the environment? The world’s religions have a powerful part to play in this story. But, unfortunately, religious leaders, and scholars who turn to religious texts, rarely, until recently, have stood up to say what their respective religious teachings have to say about environmental issues....

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