Please answer the following questions in complete sentences:

1) Sacred West Afrikan Vodun:
Give a precise, comprehensive definition (one, well-written paragraph) of sacred West Afrikan Vodun. How is this definition different from what is presented to the general public mind? Be sure to cite your sources of information.

2) Sacred West Afrikan Vodun Cosmology:
Everything is interconnected: Sacred Cosmology as Sacred Psychology and Theology.
Write an essay (three, well-written paragraphs) on the sacred West Afrikan Vodun cosmology. Be sure to describe how sacred Vodun cosmology is related to Vodun psychology (how they understand the mind) and Vodun theology (how they understand the Vodun and the universe). Be sure to refer to and cite your sources of information.

3) West Afrikan Vodun Spirituality:
Write a statement (three or four complete sentences each) on the following major Vodun. Be as precise and accurate as possible.   Be sure to refer to and cite your sources of information.
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4) Vodun parable storytelling:
West Afrikan Vodun parable storytelling is a powerful technique for teaching theological principles. In addition to what I have written in chapter one of Tribal Talk, demonstrate that you have done some independent research. Write a brief, but accurate parable story in which the above Vodun are interacting among themselves, with humans and/or animals. You may use the ones in Tribal Talk or elsewhere as an inspiration. But create your own parable story. Nota bene (note well): As a “Legba” scholar, I am very familiar with other Dahomean/Benin Vodun narratives.

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1) Sacred West Afrikan Vodun is a traditional system of religious beliefs of the population of Benin, Togo, Ghana, Nigeria and other adjacent countries. Later, following the routes of slave trade, Vodun spread to the Caribbean, South and North America, especially to Haiti, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Brazil and the state of Louisiana in the USA. This religious system is characterized by its rich and complex cosmology, an elaborate theology, and an original set of ritual practices. Quite often Vodun is presented to the general public as a sort of witchcraft, which has nothing to do with reality (Coleman 27). However, because of that, the religion of Vodun is frequently demonized in the Western white-dominated media, scholarship and popular opinion. The word Vodun, from which the name of the religious system is derived, means spirits or elements of the divine essence that are present in the universe and govern it. The Vodun theology includes such concepts as different layers of the universe (some visible and some invisible) and the different Vodun symbolizing and governing different aspects of nature and human life (see Principal Vodun Table and The Traditional Vodun Cosmic Conception)....

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