This week we continue our study of Barth with a fairly extensive assignment from his Church Dogmatics [pp. 1-118], perhaps the most seminal theological work of the previous century.
By way of introduction (and to allay your panic at the task before you), let me offer a few remarks on how to read Barth.
Second, Barth uses a vocabulary that has been re-shaped (given a new meaning) in light of the person and work of Jesus Christ. Third, Barth was as much a preacher as he was an academic theologian. His prose style, for all the lengthy sentences, may be read like a sermon. Fourth, much like great Baroque musicians Barth will 'repeat' certain basic themes often in a slightly different key.
Finally, and please note this paragraph, what will appear to you footnotes (sometimes extremely long footnotes!) were added by Barth after he had given the text (in large print) as lectures.
Write a paper on each the following topic: Discuss in detail what Barth means by designating Jesus as the man for other men. And why he begins his anthropology here with Jesus.

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In part one of his work “Church Dogmatic,” Karl Barth identifies Jesus as a man for other men. The precise meaning for this notion is that Jesus Christ represents other men, however, in their redeemed state. This means that Jesus is man, but who is free from faults or any vicious aspect. The author makes a series of statements that confirm this interpretation. Foremost, Barth sees Jesus as a redeemed man because he does not lead a godless life or even act in a way that shows an ungodliness. Besides, as a man for other men or a redeemed man, God does not speak sin. In addition to this, according to Barth, Jesus is the redeemed man because he is God’s covenant partner (Barth, 2010). However, this status has not come out of nothing. Instead, among all men, God handpicked Jesus to play this role. What this means, hence, is that God had the opportunity to select any other person to become the covenant partner. However, He saw something distinctive in Jesus. He felt that Jesus stood out of the rest. Therefore, He selected him implying that Jesus is the redeemed man that represents all others.
Besides this, Barth shows that Jesus is redeemed considering that other men see him as a person from above, bore by God. Therefore, Jesus, not other men, has been ordained by God. If this is indeed the reality, then Barth identifies that, as a redeemed man, Jesus Christ cannot fallout with God...

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