Below you will find ten passages. 1, 2 and 5 are from Hebrew Scripture, 7, 9 and 10 are from the New Testament. Write three or four paragraphs informed by the questions which follow our selection on each passage. Six mini-papers!
1. Genesis 1-4
2. Exodus 20
5. Ecclesiastes 1
7. Wisdom 3
9. Corinthians 15
10. Ephesians 2
A. What is at issue in this passage? What's going on?
B. Does this passage say anything about the "structure" of the human person?
C. How does this passage render or picture the human?
D. In this passage how are God and the human-related?

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Genesis 1-4
The primary issue covered in this passage is the creation of heaven, earth, and light, and the separation of light from the darkness. The passage denotes that an all-powerful, personal God created heaven and earth out of no pre-existing matter. However, the earth was dark. Therefore, God saw it noble to illuminate the world, hence creating light. The passage also mentions that God was hovering over the water, which then shows that He was also the creator of the water mass. The nascent creation, while still without form, has the material facets or dimensions of matter and space, and God is ultimately engaged in this mentality. Overall, the passage tries to put forth that a personal, all-knowing, and all-powerful God created everything that exists. The passage attempts to illustrate that the creation of heaven and earth and the separation of light and darkness was not by accident or mistake and that the act is not a product of an inferior deity. Rather, it is wholly the self-expression of God.
The passage mentions nothing about the structure of the human person. Instead, this is addressed in the latter part of the scripture, starting at verse five. While this is the case, the scripture has an implicit rendering of the human. The passage portrays that everything an individual enjoys is wholly because of God. Besides this, the scripture shows that if it were not for God, the human would forever live in darkness. The darkness might, to some extent, imply sin. It may show that, in the beginning, man encompassed sin. However, with the separation of darkness and sin, God liberated man from a state of evil and prepared him for righteousness.
The passage also reveals how God and humans are related. Since God is the creator of everything, then the human is subject to Him. Therefore, the man should never try to assume God's place by attempting to create things. Instead, his role is primarily to tender to His creation. Furthermore, it is appropriate to consider that God had a plan for humans, driven by His compassion for them. The scripture portrays that God made efforts to prepare for an effective life...

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