The text with which we will grapple is The Book of Job

1. What is the context of the biblical text of the Book of Job?   When was it written?   Why was it written? How was it written? Who“authored” the text? What background, if any, can you provide regarding the author?

2. What are two(2)or three (3) of the main theological ideas contained in the text?    More specifically you want to address the following questions:

a. How does the text understand the relationship between God and pain/suffering/evil?
b.What does it mean to suffer?
c.What sense can we (or do YOU) make of suffering?
d. What, if anything, seems to be the fundamental problem regarding God’s relationship to pain and suffering?

3. Having read the Book of Job, what is one idea or question that remains puzzling? What is one idea that you did not quite grasp, or that confused you? What is one idea with which you agree?

4. According to your comfort level, what is one event of pain and suffering you have experienced thus far in your life? What sense have you made of it?

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The Book of Job

The book of Job is, without any doubt, the most confusing or puzzling scripture in the Old Testament Bible. Nevertheless, a close study of the book can help a person to realize the meaning of the various bewildering tenets, including the strange Hebrew language. This paper will expound on the text by covering four pertinent themes. Foremost, the report will describe the context of the biblical text focusing on when the scripture was written, how it was authored, and the reason the text was written. Next, the study will identify and describe the primary theological ideas contained in the book of Job. Finally, the paper will single out an idea expressed in the work that one would agree with and another that appear puzzling and overly confusing. Ultimately, the inquiry will reflect on the application of Job’s suffering in one’s life.

The biblical context of the scripture
Essentially, the book of Job addresses the issue of evil. According to The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica (2020), the scripture was most likely written from between the 6th and 4th centuries BCE. The author of the scripture is uncertain or unknown. Job is not the author, given that the text’s message is primarily about his ignorance of the events that took place in heave since they were related to his experience....

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