This blog will be about African American women.

Each of you will respond twice to an on-going conversation about healing Trauma with African American women. In my lecture, I focused on Sexual Violence. For this blog, please focus on healing issues related to those related to the History of African American women's MAAFA experience and enslavement, the controlling Images described in the Power-Point, and other trauma you believe African American women experience. How might these experiences impact a sense of self and relationships with other men AND other women? What is the trauma of having to adhere to gender roles prescribed by society and religion?

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Healing Trauma with African American Women

Just like their male counterparts, African American women have come through lacerating times. From MAAFA to enslavement to controlling image, the African American women have endured hardships and struggles that make their well-being, whether physically, mentally, or socially, particularly precarious. This submission will attempt to examine the way in which these experiences affect African American women's sense of self and relationship with other men and women. Nevertheless, the paper will explore a relatively overlooked area of interest, that is, the trauma of having to conform to the gender roles that the religion and society prescribes.

The effects of African American women experiences on their sense of self and relationship with other men and women

The MAAFA was a horrible experience...
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