Writing a Letter in Paul’s Style: Imagine that Paul is writing to a community today regarding clarification about his position on certain topics that relate to modern-day concerns (see list below). The assignment should follow the following parameters:

Using the standard ancient format for letter-writing, draft a letter in Paul’s name that addresses the chosen issue.

Be sure to specifically identify the person or group of people to whom Paul is writing (e.g., a specific city or church [local or national], or a specific individual) and what issue he is addressing.

Be sure to include biblical citations in parentheses where needed to support “Paul’s” modern position. You should include at least three biblical citations from three different non-disputed Pauline letters or books in the Old Testament.

Letter should address one of the following concerns as it affects a modern audience:
◦Same-sex marriage
◦Women’s roles in the church (and/or society)
◦Government welfare programs
◦Universal healthcare (or, specifically, Obamacare)
◦Capital punishment
◦Military service
◦Separation of church and state in the United States
◦Israel vs. Palestine; conflict in the Middle East
◦Any specific recent event (within the past 5 years) for which Paul might offer some ethical and/or theological advice and about which people tend to get very emotionally involved (e.g., tensions may run high between opposing viewpoints). The specific event should be clearly identified in the letter you write.

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On Universal Healthcare

Paul, apostle of Jesus Christ, and Timothy, faithful servant and collaborator in suffering and trials, grace to all the faithful of New York City and all the churches in New Jersey. All the blessings and God's consolation to those whom God has chosen to save and sanctify with his Spirit.
I rejoice always in my heart hearing about your faithfulness and your desire to obey in all things what God has commanded.
Some of the brethren inquire whether it is permissible for a follower of Christ to accept services of healers and hospitals without paying what is due and letting the worldly authorities pay for them. Let it be known to you, brethren, that all the apostles and I, Paul, the least among the brethren, “always labor, working with our own hands” (1 Cor. 4:12), and paying for the bread we eat and for every service we receive....
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