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For this discussion of Cohort Circle C, I am acting as the Facilitator

Prophetic Ministry: The Black Church & Theological Education

In this discussion we are concerned with how theological skills are acquired in seminary are applied to the practice of ministry. Was Bishop DeVeaux's admission of concern correct with regards to the Black Church's skepticism about the sincerity of the white theological educators?

Have the theories learned in white theological centers caused Black students, now preachers, to feel that their education is of little or no consequence to the African American congregation they serve?

Wrestling With Holy Things: Reframing Theological Education

The author stated that Bonhoeffer captured the essence of what it should mean to be in a Protestant theological school today. It was also stated that students are challenged and therefore begin seeing their old ways of being in the world as inadequate. Do you feel as though the challenges and feelings of inadequacy are a result of the methods of teaching and information being taught by a field dominated by white, heterosexual men of European descent? Or could it be that our history in America has thwarted our ability to comfortably engage in a theology that has been "framed” by the theological education provided at Protestant schools today?

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