4-6 pages(excludes bibliography, title page, outline, and any appendices)
1 inch margins
Turabian bibliographical/footnote citation style (no end notes or parenthetical citations)
Main text
o Times New Roman
o 12 pt font
o Double spaced
Footnotes(no end notes or parenthetical citations)or indented block quotes
o Times New Roman
o 10 pt font
o Single spaced
o Primary Source(s): full bibliographical information for the specific Bible translation and another primary source material.
o Secondary Sources: at least 3 different academic (peer-reviewed) journal articles or monograph books(electronic academic journals or e-books are fine).
o No websites(except for approved primary source material) or book reviews.
o Encyclopedias or dictionaries may be used but they do not count toward the three secondary sources.
You may write a standard academic-style paper(or adapt these to one of the other prompts), such as:
using one (or more) of the biblical criticisms discussed in class
doing a comparative analysis of two passages (within NT, OT and NT, NT and apocryphal writings, NT and the Qur’an, etc.)
interpretation of the passage in the Church Fathers or other theologians(limit to one or two).

''A female troubled by passages that seem to indicate that women are inferior or subservient to men.''

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Recently a friend of mine told me that she was struggling spiritualy not being able to reconcile some of the biblical passages about women and family relationship with her strong belief in equality between women and men. She is a churchgoing young woman who came to Christianity not so long ago. She is in a relationship, and her boyfriend and a husband to be tends to interpret the Bible in a literal way. My friend is saying now that this discriminatory approach to women she found in some parts of the Bible, particularly in Paul's epistles, deeply troubles her and calls her faith into question.
Here are some of the thoughts I'm thinking about sharing with her to help her regain her faith and to show her how she can read the Bible in a more thoughtful way. First of all, even though Christians accept the Bible as a sacred text, it is important to understand that text is not a standalone and isolated phenomenon. It always emerges, develops and exists within a context. Even more, it is every time interpreted and reinterpreted within a context. Those contexts may be individual. Indeed, we can all testify that reactions of people to other people, to what they hear read depends on a wide spectrum of factors, such as level of education, cultural background, age, personal experiences, health condition, etc. The conditions may also...
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