Westfield's chapter “From Embodied Theodicy to Embodied Theos”
Where do you resonate? What might you challenge? What do you see as unique within a race and therefore what are the inherent challenges? Where might you "push back"? How strong a factor do you think race and gender are for teaching (and also perhaps for learning)? How do you respond to the inherent challenges?

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Westfield's chapter “From Embodied Theodicy to Embodied Theos” was a very interesting, challenging, and at times, provocative read. It looks and allows us to look at teaching from a new perspective for most of us, since black females are undoubtedly underrepresented in the academia.

Summarizing Westfield's argument, I would emphasize the following critical points. As a black female professor, she claims that she is “never allowed to be myself.” That refers to a wide array of stereotypes and prejudice that surround black people and females, and tend to intensify in a particular fashion when both characteristics merge in one person. A black female professor is, according to Westfield, an ideal other in a predominantly white and male-dominated American...

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