Personal and Professional Mission & Vision Statement (Call/Vocation Paper) Assignment

This assignment is designed to help you reflect on where you are currently in your ministerial journey, how you began your journey, and where you want your journey to take you. This is where you document and record your personal mission and goals, realizing that since this is a journey there may be expected and unexpected changes, re-routings, recalculations or stops along the way. As you matriculate through seminary, your goals and mission may change as this assignment serves as a reminder of your initial point of navigation.

Therefore, you are asked to write a narrative paper where you:

1)         Explain how you see and understand God, Jesus the Christ, Holy Spirit and the Church.

2)         Discuss how your family, community, and faith tradition (denomination) have shaped or hindered your understanding of God, Christ, Holy Spirit, and the Church as well as faith and religion.

3)         Discuss any incident, crisis, or trauma you have experienced which may have influenced or impacted your understanding of God, Jesus the Christ, the Church and your faith.

4)         Discuss how your ministerial journey began, including your call to ministry with any incidents, episodes, or events that have impacted or led you to pursue a seminary degree.

5)         How do these incidences inform and influence your sense of call and area of concentration?

Please make sure you cover all five questions in your narrative. Be as detailed as you wish. The more information you include, the more you will have to compare as your journey progresses.

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I really liked the reference to the ministerial journey in the assignment description. Our life, including whatever endeavours we take up, is indeed a journey. And as much as our life is a journey, Jesus is the road: “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John, 14:6, NKJV). I should say that the symbolism of a journey and the road we take would be the best explanation of how I see and understand God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Why is it so? Taking up a journey, “hitting the road” is usually a matter of free choice. We decide whether to stay home or leave it, which route to take, where to stop on our way, whether to take or not a road companion, and, last but not least, we decide on the final goal of our travel. To open one's heart to God, to believe is for me to set on a long journey toward full communion with God. To “always be with the Lord” (Thes. 4:17), the Creator, Giver and Sustainer of all things is where we ultimately want to arrive. Then, according to his own words, Jesus is the road. We cannot arrive to our final destination bypassing Jesus: “No one comes to the Father except through me” (John, 14:6). How his life, his redemptory death and his atonement is what paved the road to God and made it possible for us. Now, to walk that way successfully, to have support and encouragement along the way, we the need the companion, the Holy Spirit: “the Spirit of truth... will guide you into all truth” (John, 16:13)....

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