What are the key features of Puritanism? How did they impact the fabric of American Society? Are there still Puritan aspects that control our common American Religious Thought?

African American Religion
Why did the evangelical style fit so well with the religious experience of African Americans? Is it still so today?

Black Denominations
What led to the founding of independent denominations among African Americans? How were they similar to and yet different from the white denominations from which they emerged?

The Great Awakening
How did camp meetings and early nineteenth-century revivals lead to the rapid growth of evangelical Protestant denominations? Why were they important? Do you think the Great Awakening had a great impact upon American Society?

First Amendment
What did the First Amendment mean when it prohibited a national religious establishment and allowed for the free exercise of religion? Has this created any issues for our American Society?

Native Americans
How did Native American and African tribal societies understand religion? How were their religious approaches similar? Did any of these facts/concepts surprise you?

European Christianity
In what ways was European Christianity becoming increasingly diverse at the time colonial exploration and conquest began? Why is this important to America's development?

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1) The key features of Puritanism include and not limited to the following;
i) They believe in elections. God retained the power to choose those that deserved to be saved and those that were to face damnation.
ii) They held high value for formal education and this explains why they started several learning institutions.
iii) They believed that sins had to be condemned and no tolerance to it was encouraged.
iv) They were opposed to Catholicism because they believed that the bureaucracy of the Catholic Church stood between man and God. They advocated for man presenting himself to God without intermediaries.
v) They believed that a person who believed in God had to espouse sobriety, responsibility and had to hardworking.
vi) Man was to focus on God only and not any other earthly authority.

Today some of the principles that were held by the puritans are still held today by almost all Americans.
Puritanism is the foundation of the spirit of individualism where every American is expected to be self-reliant. The issue of self governance based on sovereignty is closely related to Puritanism. People were taught to...

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