Q1. Explain the differences between Vedic Hinduism and Brahmanic Hinduism in their approach to achieving moksha. you will want to pay close attention to the role of puja ( sacrifice) to this process.

Q2. Describe the relationship between the Vedas and the rest of Hindu literature. be sure to examine how the Vedas are said to have been produced, what is their source, and what is their composition.

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Hinduism can be regarded as a general umbrella term referring to a wide spectrum of religious and philosophical views of India which can be traced back to the Vedas as their primary textual source. As such, Hinduism went through a number of historical stages characterized by differing approaches to religious beliefs, practices and rituals. Vedic Hinduism is the earliest known stage, while Brahmanic Hinduism represents a further development of some of the ideas contained in the Vedas....

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