1) Do Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship the same God? Why or why not? Page length is 4 pages minimum. (Your sources should include Scholar articles or Journals, Bible, and Qur’an)

(2) Which of the three religious traditions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) would you follow if you had to choose a faith tradition other than your own? Explain your choice. Page length is 3 pages minimum. (Your sources should include Scholar articles or Journals, Bible, and Qur’an)

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Do Jews, Christians, and Muslims Worship the Same God? Why or Why Not?

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam maintain tradition in the scriptures, while they also create new traditions that are founded on the scriptures (Corriga, Denny, Jaffee & Eire 2). All the three religions base their beliefs in Holy Scripture, and have unique traditions and beliefs that serve as the compass of the lives of the faithful. Though unique and distinct, the three faiths believe in a monolithic supreme being who is worshipped in unique ways .The three religions are known as Abrahimic, for they believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

In Islam Jesus is known as Isa bin Maryam, the penultimate prophet of Allah. Muslims also regard Jesus to be the al-Masih which is Arabic for Messiah. In the Holy Quran, Muslims believe that Jesus never married and had no children (Aryat 93). The same Quran refers to Jesus as the son of Mary, Spirit of God, and Word of God. It should be noted that Jesus is mentioned directly or indirectly 187 times in the Holy Quran. The Quran, which is the central religious writings of Muslims, and most Hadith (testimonial reports), refer to the purity of Jesus (without sin)....
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