Write a literature review about alcohol consumption among college students.

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    With more than 4000 higher education institutions and almost 15 million people attending college (Dowdall 2009; Dowdall and Wechsler 2002), drinking among college students is a common and widely accepted behavior considered part of the college culture (Alverson 2005). Researchers have found that two out of five full-time students in four-year colleges are heavy episodic, or binge, drinkers (Carey and Correia 1997; Dowdall and Wechsler 2002; Knight et al. 2002; O’Malley and Johnston 2002), drinking five or more drinks in a row within the past two weeks for men, and four drinks or more in a row within the past two weeks for women (Carey and Correia 1997; Dowdall and Wechsler 2002; O’Malley and Johnston 2002; Wechsler et al. 1995). Nearly one-third of college students were drunk three or more times within the past month, and just about half of all students who drink drink to get drunk (Dowdall 2009).
    While male students drink more than women students, and white students are the heaviest drinkers followed by Hispanic students then black students (Dowdall and Wechsler 2002; O’Malley and Johnston 2002), and college students attending school in the North and North Central states drink more than students in the South or West (O’Malley and Johnston 2002), alcohol use is more prevalent among college students overall than people of the same age who are not in college (O’Malley and Johnston 2002).
    What we want to know is, among college students, if college upperclassmen drink more than lower classmen, and if they do, does political affiliation correlate with differences in class cohort among those who drink?
    Social and Environmental Factors Affecting Drinking among College Students
    Adults under...

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