Instructions: Write a 3-5 page essay that explains deviance from the symbolic interaction, conflict, and functional analysis perspectives. Include in your essay which perspective makes the most sense to you and why. You may use your textbook, but you must use at least one outside resource. Make sure you cite your resources according to APA or MLA style.

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This paper compares and contrasts three different analyses on deviance as applied in social science. It begins by defining what deviance means in respect to societal norms, then goes ahead to expound on symbolic interaction, social conflict, and finally the functional, perspectives on deviance. The paper then zeroes in on the social conflict perspective and its influence in dispute resolution in societal disagreements. In analyzing the social conflict theory, the position held by the paper contradicts this school of thought by arguing for a capitalist approach to work that rewards hard work individually, and concludes by advancing the course of dialogue as a remedy to disputes between societal citizens.

Social science describes deviance as an act or trait that runs contrary to acceptable norms in a society, whether in formal or informal settings. Deviance may be clustered as any acts or...

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