This seminar focuses on social inequalities and the groups of people who are often denied rights and privileges because of a particular characteristic. Based on your reading and discussions, imagine that you are a politician designing your political platform. Answer these questions:
- Which inequality do you think is most important to focus your campaign on, and why?
- What are some ideas you have to level the playing field for those people hurt by the inequality in question?

Choose two to three concepts that you found most important in this seminar, and explore the following questions in depth, citing specific examples from the text and your experience:
- Why are these particular concepts important?
- How do they connect to previous chapters or seminars in the course?

Essential of Sociology- A down to earth approach, 11th edition by James M Henslin, chapters 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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The American history is shaped by race and racial inequalities that are embedded in some of the values that helped to form the great nation. Despite the belief by a majority of the Americans that the country is driven by the pursuit of freedom, that is not the reality. In fact, the American society has been built on brutal values that advocated for oppression, inequality and dominance as illustrated by the era of slavery. As the nation continues to...

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