Children are socialized to be themselves and explore all aspects of life. Or are they? What options are available to boys and girls for self-exploration and self-expression? This assignment requires a visit to a toy store or toy area of a department store. Record your observations in a way to accurately answer the questions below. Develop your answers fully.
Name of store:___________________
1. How is the store or toy area organized? Would boys or girls feel more comfortable in some areas than others? If so, how do you know? Describe what you SEE that informs your answer.
2. Starting at the beginning of any isle, devise a way in which you can randomly and objectively identify and study 30 toys in a systematic manner (eg. start on left of top shelf, observe every 20th toy, 5 toys per isle).Describe the system you devise to make your sampling and toy observations objective.
3. For each toy, note whether it is gender-specific (i.e. only one gender would feel comfortable playing with the toy) or gender-neutral (i.e. any child would feel comfortable playing with the toy). Explain how you came to your conclusion.
_____ Number of Gender-specific toys
_____ Number of Gender-neutral toys
3. Is heterosexuality represented in any of the toys? Is homosexuality or bisexuality represented in any of the toys? How do you know you? Describe what you see that informs your answer.
4. In a page or two, describe your conclusions regarding the options available to boys and girls for self-exploration and self-expression.

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1. The store is a base warehouse with toys piled up to four meters high in some sections. On the sidewalks, there are climbing ladders and texting tables where kids can test their different toys (Each table supports the toy adjacent to it). To increase operational efficiency, most shops organize their merchandise from a demand hierarchy from the most demanded to the least demanded. Additionally, the organization is also a vital marketing tool. Therefore, on the first row of the store, there are unisex toys. The toys piles up with...
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