A Research on Alcoholism in Colleges, See Friesen Chapter 14 (5 to 7 pages double spaced)


Number your answers to the questions below in your paper, but answer in essay style. Answer each question fully. You will need to consult the SPSS tables in order to complete this assignment.


• Introduce the topic of study, and describe your literature reviews instructed in
• State the hypothesis you are testing in this research and identify the independent and dependent variables. Be sure to specify how you think one variable is going to affect the other ch.3
• In a paragraph, describe a sociological theory which you feel explains why you think the two variables are related.
• Be sure to include a parenthetical citation with page numbers as to where you found your description of the theory

2. Interpreting Data

• What can you conclude from the zero-order table showing the crosstabulated results of your independent and dependent variables? In other words, do the data support or disconfirm your hypothesis? How do you know?
• Remember: describe the statistics, and calculate and interpret an epsilon

3. More Theorizing

• Identify the control variable, and specify how you think the control variable will affect the original relationship.
In other words, for each attribute of the control variable, do you think the strength of the relationship between the original two variables will increase, decrease, or stay the same?

• Take a guess for each attribute of the control variable and give your reasons for your estimations

4. Interpreting Data

• What can you conclude from your first partial order table? Do the data support or disconfirm your guess? How do you know?

• Remember: describe the statistics, and calculate and interpret an epsilon

5. Interpreting Data

• What can you conclude from your second partial order table? Do the data support or disconfirm your guess? How do you know?

• Remember: describe the statistics, and calculate and interpret an epsilon

6. Reflecting on Method: Based on your experience of interviewing

• Do you feel that interviews are a good way to gather informatio? Explain your answer (paragraph).
• What advantages and disadvantages of interview research are described by at least one other author ch.6 (paragraph)

7. Reflecting on Sampling

• From a scientific point of view, are these results genealizable to more than just the people we gathered information from?
• If yes, what is it about the study that makes these results generalizable to a larger group of people?
• If not, how could the data have been collected so as to increase the likelihood that they represent the views of, say, all students at your educational institution?

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    A Research on Alcoholism in Colleges

    In the recent past, alcohol consumption in colleges has been on the rise following the cultural and social dynamics.
    According to a report by National Institute of alcohol abuse and alcoholism, the drinking problem in colleges is not palpable as a concept but rather through the negative consequences of alcoholism.

    As the students join the college as juniors, they receive an overwhelming freedom from the watch of the guardian and thus incline more to drinking and other social vices.

    The purpose of this research is to evaluate dinking problem among college students through interviewing as the main data collection tools.
    In addition, the study investigates the trend of alcoholism in colleges and also examine the consequences of the trend.

    Additionally, the paper offer possible solution to the detrimental trend, which if well implemented might help safe the degrading GPA of alcoholic students.
    GSPI asserts that the trend runs in a declining data since the entry of the college until the completion. As such, students tend to become alcoholic when they are fresh in the college although the trend declines as the students’ progress in their academic grades. It is rational to argue that the...

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