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Understanding Marriage and Family Introduction According othe functionalis perspective the family institution helps society solve the following problems: Regulation f sexual behavior Replacement of members throughreproduction Care children, sick, and elderly Socialization children. Fix social placement and establish status 6. Economic security How societies organize activitiesto solve these problems varying from society society societies become more complex, some functions original to the family institution may have moved another institution been absorbed intoa new institution For example, in the United States, protection children sick and elderly have moved away from the family institution and into the new institution of health care and some caretaking rotection has been taken over by the government institution Once the institutional patterns are identified we can then ask who benefits from these patterns and how they benefit. According to the conflict perspective, some societal benefit more imparticular institution patterns than others Who would benefit having ar institutional pattern (value) that says women should not bare their breasts in public? Learning Objectives The focus ist assist you identifying some institutional patterns that available for family institution. Is it okay for people have more than one marriage partner? Is it okay for males, bu not females? How does this benefit society? Whichgroups benefit from each pattern? After completing this SocioOuest, you should be able to Understand a variety of concepts related t family organization Demonstrate how institutional societal need; Analyze h particular groups benefit from institutional pattern; Analyze how institutional patterns contribute larger social issues Part Exploring Family Structure Read Overview Parts 1 and 2; Marriage Rules and 2: Residence Rules Define following concepts: Concept Definition Marriage Caste Arranged Marriage Taboos Identify the following for the United States and alternative patterns that are possible Be sure touse tenninology Patterns/Rules United States Alternatives Regulation Sexual Behavior Marriage Agreements Regulating Reproduction Marriage Pariner Selection Residence Rules Inheritance Rules Part Socialization Children the ERIC Digestandread the article Parenting Styles and lts Correlares The link is: hup: w/ 1999- -4/parenting him Identify the four parenting list the consequences each style. Parenting Style Consequences Visit your favorito internet engine Conduct for Life Skills Visit three identify order to surviveir the United States. Please include the ORL the sites visited URL Site URL Site3 Life Skill Definition Doyou agree that these skills will help people be successful the United States? Explain How dowe learn these life skills? Part Analyzing Family Issues Identify family issues/problems in existence inthe United States and list whan you think are the causo(s) Fibe issues/problem you are having difficulty thinking five. your interner search engine and conduct search for famili issues. For example, have noticed that many families have uble paying childeare Some probahle causes the high cost childeare Limited number Equalified childeare providers women usually occupy low paying positions, and families cannot rely other relatives (grandmother for childcare Family Issue Probable Cause(s) For three of your family issues, think about the family institutional patterns and identify one change that could be made help alleviate the issue. For example increase the number qualified childcare providers, the government could provide subsidy to providersto increase their low pay omake such noccupation more attractive! Conclusion

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Understanding Marriage and Family
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