1. Watch the 104 minute documentary The End of Poverty? and answer the following questions, using complete sentences and paragraphs.

a) According to the documentary, how have first world nations been so successful in creating and maintaining a high quality of life?
b) What solutions to global inequities are offered in the video?

2. Read the following news article and answer the questions below:

ARTICLE: Slavery Reparations in Caribbean Nations

a) What are some Caribbean nations demanding of certain first-world nations? Why?
b) Given what you’ve observed in The End of Poverty? documentary, in what ways do these demands make sense?
c) Are they just or unjust demands in your opinion? Explain.

3. Explore the following site, and answer the questions below:

SIte: UN - Millennium Goals

a) What are the Millennium Goals? List them here.
b) Who created them? When? Why?
c) Describe the progress made in achieving the Millennium Goals (you can find this out by clicking on each of the goals on the right-hand side of the page).
d) In your opinion, how effective is this effort to alleviate the worst of global poverty Explain.

4. Neoliberalism has influenced U.S. foreign policy for the past 30 years. It consists of the following core principles:
1. Privatization of public enterprises and land
2. Deregulation of the economy
3. Liberalization of trade and industry
4. Massive tax cuts
5. Strict control on organized labor
6. Reduction of public expenditures, especially social spending
7. Down-sizing government
8. Expand international markets

a) Increasing numbers of analysts are suggesting that these core neoliberal principles have largely failed to improve the quality of life for all worldwide. Because neoliberalism and capitalism go hand-in-hand, some are suggesting that the period of global capitalism is in the throes of collapse.

Based on all you’ve seen and read in this webquest, what is your opinion? You are free to cite any additional credible sources as you respond.

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a) According to the documentary, how have first world nations been so successful in creating and maintaining a high quality of life?

The End of Poverty documentary is a factual analysis film that seeks to identify the different factors that has led to wealth domination by some countries across the globe. As is it in the current economic models, third world countries consume more than 25% of global resources while leading to more than 30% of population. As such the documentary analysis the events that led to the economic difference for more than 500 years ago.
Before democracy became a widespread concept in the globe. The stronger nations used might to deprive resources from the locals in the rich regions. Therefore, a difference in the upper class and the lower class occurred. Nonetheless, despite independence most local habitants remains in abject poverty and lack of sufficient livelihood. Additionally, the colonial master remains the in control of the ex-colonies in matters of policies and economic cycles.

For instance, citizens living in cities like Paris and Los Angeles spend a minimum of fifteen...

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