Identify and illustrate what you see as three or more major advantages of a hybrid learning experience.
2. Identify and illustrate what you see as three or more major disadvantages of a hybrid learning experience.
3. Overall, how effective do you feel a hybrid learning experience is compared to a traditional course? That is, do you feel you have learned more, less, or about the same as a traditional course? Be sure to comment on the knowledge you have acquired, the skills you have obtained, and ways in which your attitudes or beliefs might have been affected.
4. As you reflect on the assignments and discussion board posts, would you say you put more time into this course than a regular (summer) course, less time, or about the same amount of time? Share one or two examples to illustrate.
5. Do you feel your attitudes would be any different if you took a hybrid course during the fall or spring semester rather than during a six week summer term? Explain.
6. Would you take a hybrid course again? Explain.
7. Would you recommend a hybrid course to a friend? Why or why not?
8. Do you have any other comments you’d like to share about the hybrid learning experience?

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Reflecting on Hybrid Learning Experience

1. Identify and illustrate what you see as three or more major advantages of a hybrid learning experience.
When compared to face-to-face learning structure, hybrid or blended learning offers a number of merits. Therefore, they are the core reasons that have led to global adoption of the hybrid learning. To begin with, the structure offers higher efficiency in learning subsequent the multiple places of access. In ‘brick-and-mortal’ classroom method, the student must physically attend the lessons to achieve maximum utility of the learning. Nonetheless, the hybrid learning offers the student with a flexible lesson access structure customized to feature in the students’ schedule thus increasing one’s productivity. Secondly, blended learning increases the participation index from the students. The number of students who participate in class sessions is a direct proportion of how students feel around their fellows and the general setting. As such, external environments hinder students from active participation. Hybrid learning on the other hand, offer an equal platform to all students to contribute without physical discomfort or intimidation. Thus, I was able to engage more extensively during the lessons. In addition, hybrid learning increases individual’s self-discipline, time management skills, and cyber space orientations. In the recent past, most global operations are online-based. Therefore, it is vital for all students pursuing their education to join the modern workforce to be well equipped in cyber space skills.

Identify and illustrate what you see as three or more major disadvantages of a...

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