'Mills' Sociological Imagination is a key tool to examine the world with a sociological lens. Describe the main points from his theory, what the sociological imagination is, and how it can be used. Then find a news article from a reputable news agency which can be analyized using the sociological imagination.

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In 1959, Wright Mills coined the term sociological imaginations to denote the specificity and nature of the knowledge derived from the discipline of sociology. In modern sociology, authors use the term to introduce their contents and tailor the relationship between sociological concepts and daily human life. For instance, when introducing a document that explains structuralism theory, a sociologist can use sociological imagination to show the different social systems such as education, government, economy etcetera (Mills, 1959).
Despite the universal subscription of the theory, scholars share different subscription on the definition and the extent of applicability. However, despite the different perspectives, these scholars agree on a wide range of commonalities about the theory. C.Wrights (1959), defined the theory as the clear consciousness to the existing connections between the society and individual’s experience. In his definition, he insisted on an individual’s perspective when excising sociological imaginations. In a social setting, the theory is applicable in solving sociological questions. Mills also asserted that, the subjectivity of an individual in a familiar social setting might...
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