Part A. Defies Measurement (movie)
1.Using Larearu’s theoretical framework, describe how some of the contemporary ed reforms may be problematic. How would Bourdieu’s theoretical framework be similar or different in its analysis of contemporary ed reform.
2. In the last two thirds of the documentary, there is an emphasis on the key players who are supporting contemporary education reform.   Describe who these key players are, and using Mill’s and Domhoff’s writing about the power elite, describe how and why they are supporting such reforms.
3. Linda Darling-Hammond stated that the ed reforms do not address poverty and inequality. Instead, teachers and administrators are blamed as being bad. Discuss these two different positions to how the achievement gap is thought of in terms of agency and structure. Which position takes the structural view and which takes the agentic one? What is the argument behind each? Which do you support and why?

Part B. Ivory Tower (movie)
1. At first glance, the idea about “hacking” your education seems like a bold and revolutionary idea. However, upon examination it is problematic. Describe what is meant by “hacking” an education. Apply Bourdieu’s theory on cultural and social capital to this “hacking” idea to show how it can be problematic.
2. One comment in the documentary was, “education as a right is not important right now”. Describe what that speaker means. How could you apply Collins’ theory about education to the situation described by the speaker’s statement?
3. One of the themes discussed in the documentary was that in order for colleges to compete, they need to act like business. A side affect of this competition was that schools started creating opportunities for students to party instead of increasing opportunities for academic growth. How have you seen this at Syracuse University? One commenter discussed the “tension to balance prestige and the mission to educate”. Name and use one theorist we have covered in this course to describe the support for either the prestige or the mission.

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Defies Measurement is a documentary that amalgamates charter schools, Teach for America, No Child Left Behind, The Broad Foundation, corporate reform, and Common Core standards for the purpose of testing and privatisation. The argument and common discourse in the film is in favour of school reform programs. The purpose of this document is to analyse the movie from the context of Lareau and Bourdieu’s theoretical framework...
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